BOM Report – Jan 2016

The new school Board of Management came into effect on the 1st of December 2015 and will run until 2019. Since taking up office the Board has met on two occasions and a third meeting will take place this week. At the end of each Board meeting the members will agree a short report and this will be circulated to parents and staff after the meeting. The aim of the report is to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the school and what work the Board is focusing on.

The members of the new Board of Management are, Stephen Donnelly – Patron’s nominee and Chairperson, Padraig Rushe – Patron’s nominee, Teresa Smith – Principal, Fiona Wilson – Teacher nominee, Catherine Forde – Parent nominee, Peter O’Faherty – Parent nominee, Alice Quinn – Community nominee, Vaughan Dodd – Community nominee

Report from the Board:

  • The chairperson thanked the outgoing Board and commended them for all the hard work they had put in.
  • The Board completed the annual review of the school’s Child Protection Policy. The policy is available to all parents on request. The Board wishes to thank parents, staff and the wider community for all their support with fundraising and for making donations to the school.
  • Many parents organised fundraisers before Christmas and and the Board is really grateful to everyone for the wonderful work they have done over the last few months.
  • The Board also wishes to thank parents for making voluntary contributions to the school.
  • The school’s Patron addressed the Board and provided us with information regarding the town hall meeting that was planned for parents and staff. The Board discussed the matter of the school buildings and repairs that need to be carried out throughout the school.
  • We are happy to report that the driveway in Kilmullen Lane has finally been repaired.
  • The Board will continue to focus its work on providing a new school building for the pupils and staff. The Board will continue to make improvements to the present accommodation until we have the new school.
  • The Board has set up a number of sub committees to work on areas that need particular attention; these include finances, buildings and communications.We will continue to update you on progress as we go along.
  • The Board would like to get the Parents Association up and running again and would be delighted if you would consider joining the PA and working with us for the benefit of all the pupils.

Best wishes, Board of Management