BOM report – March 2016

Report from the Board

  • The new school website is almost ready to go live. The Board congratulates Peter and Fiona for the good work in this regard.
  • The Board sanctioned requests for job sharing by SNAs in accordance with the school policy on the matter.
  • The Board approved a career break for a teacher.
  • The Board has requested a meeting with the Patron with a view to advancing the buildings of a new school.
  • Class 4 entered a project in this year’s PE Expo and won 1st place in the Junior ICT / Photography category. By all accounts our students made a great impression on the judges and did a brilliant job presenting their project and answering questions from the judges and other exhibitors.The class invited their parents and the rest of the school to see the project and the video they made on the day.
  • The local Community Guards had a fundraiser in aid of the school; they attended the Proclamation Day event in the EDC and presented the school with 4 ipads, musical instruments, medals for sports day and Easter eggs for all the children.
  • First Holy Communion: 19 children will make their first Holy Communion in St. Joseph’s Church in Newtown on the 13th of May.

Best wishes, Stephen Donnelly (Chairperson)