We would like to say a big thank-you to the Community Garda for fundraising for our school.  With the money they raised the Community Garda were able to donate 4 iPads with protective cases, musical instruments, medals for sports day and easter eggs.  We are especially appreciative of the iPads and they are already being put to good use in classrooms for our students to aid their communication, to develop fine motor skills, to develop hand-eye coordination and much more.

photo - after swimming 1


Currently we are fundraising for two interactive plasma screens.  These are large interactive screens that can be used as a teaching and learning tool for the whole class.  They are encased in an extremely sturdy frame that protects the screen and they are supplied on height adjustable stands.  Each screen costs around €4000.  We have one of these screens in the EDC building and it has proven to be really popular with the students.  We would love to get another screen for the EDC building and one for Kilmullen Lane.