Asdan Certification and Science Award



Thanks to all the students and parents for coming along to our Asdan Certification Ceremony and Science Award display.  The students put in a tremendous effort with their Asdan modules and this year modules have included, Knowing About Myself, Money, Yogacise, Baking, Independent Living, Recognising Signs in the Community and Relationships.  Well done to all our students for their hard work over the year and in achieving Asdan certification.  Thank you to Eleanor for coordinating Asdan in our school.

Students throughout the school were also involved in science projects during the year.  These included projects on bridges, floating and sinking, planting, light and air.  Our school has been awarded the certificate of excellence for the work that has been completed. Well done to all our students and thanks to Eileen for coordinating Primary Science and Maths in our school.

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