World Book Day


We were very lucky to have some very  important visitors in our school today.  First the Lion King came roaring in.

Then Little Red Riding Hood came by on her way to Granny’s house.

Before Little Red Riding Hood set off, Granny appeared in school.  But, what Little Red Riding Hood did not know was  Granny was actually Gangsta Granny and she was setting off to steal some more Jewels.

Just as Gangsta Granny tried to leave to steal some more jewels, she was stopped by Harry Potter.

Harry Potter found it difficult to stop Gangsta Granny on his own so he whizzed up a spell to make another Harry Potter to help him.


The two Harry Potters managed to convince Gangsta Granny it would be better to have a cup of tea instead, and, on hearing the chink of the cups and the rustle of the biscuits, Peter Pan flew in for a chat too.

Well done everyone.  You looked great.