Green Team – Green Schools Initiative

Energy Awareness Statement & Action Plan

Our school is dedicated to implementing energy efficient practices, recognizing that this is essential to provide a leading example to our pupils and the wider community.  

We are committed to the following:
• Setting annual energy savings targets
• Continual improvement in reducing our energy usage
• Complying with all energy and other legislation
• Minimising the impact that our energy use has on the environment
• Communication of our energy statement and energy programme to all staff, students and parents
• Ensuring suppliers and contractors are aware of our energy practice

We reviewed our energy awareness footprint in the Academic year 2019/2020 and continue to work and be mindful of our energy awareness and compliance going forward.

The following Action Plan is the core of our energy awareness programme.  It is a timetabled series of specific goals for improvement over a fixed time scale.  These quantifiable targets were set after the review of our energy awareness footprint was carried out.  

Attempts have been made to link the action plan to curricular areas, with realistic and achievable targets.  It is hoped that real progress and success will be noted by the proposed completion dates. This success will, it is hoped, increase confidence and build enthusiasm for setting subsequent targets